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The Path to A Better, Healthier Future.

We are Better Nutritionals, a state-of-the-art contract manufacturer and R&D leader in nutritional supplements. We specialize in making cutting-edge formulations of gummy and chocolate supplements focused on personal health and wellness. The company was founded in 2014 when the CEO and Founder, Sharon Hoffman, recognized a market need for a manufacturer capable of making high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade supplements and embarked on his journey to create Better Nutritionals.


Investing in building two of the world’s most advanced gummy manufacturing facilities -- both in southern California -- is what sets Better Nutritionals apart from other contract manufacturers. Today, Better Nutritionals is one of the industry’s fastest-growing manufacturers of gummy supplements with a roster of premium-tier clients serving consumers who demand the highest quality products, with the purest of ingredients, on the market.


Better Nutritionals’ facilities are NSF- and BRC-certified. NSF International develops public health standards for food, water, and consumer products, while BRC is an international food-safety standard.  As an FDA-registered manufacturer, we also meet stringent standards to label our products as vegan, Kosher-certified, and free of top-9-allergens and gluten.

Better Nutritionals Norco Manufacturing
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Main building office lobby with glass stairs, front desk and meeting rooms
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State of the art packaging robot arm that packs and palletizes product

Innovative Manufacturing

Each step in our  manufacturing process -- strategically designed for optimal efficiency -- is carefully thought out to ensure smooth ingredient and product flow that leads to high-quality finished products coming off the line. We also are among the few manufacturers in the industry today capable of making pectin- and agar-based gummies.


We use proprietary starch-less mold technology to create a clean environment free of contaminants to ensure superior products consistently come off the line.

Better Supplements, Better Products.

We push the envelope every day when it comes to innovation, creativity, and quality standards. In setting the industry standard, we seize every opportunity to improve. 

When it comes to formulations, we can serve a multitude of different markets and when it comes to manufacturing quality and efficiency, we’re second to none. Our superior, world-class manufacturing facilities consistently deliver premium-tier quality products perfectly aligned to the specifications our clients demand.


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Creative Capabilities

Our experts in food science -- many leaders in their fields -- coupled with our advanced Research & Development processes ensure that custom formulations and prototypes are made to the exacting specifications of our clients. Our researchers are true masters of their craft, with the intellectual heft, experience, and skills to make any formulation seccessful. Better Nutitionals’ scientists last year, for example, perfected a caffeine gummy as a healthy alternative to energy drinks.

Attentive Account

When we partner with our clients, we provide real-time updates from start to finish on all details, creative solutions, and delivery times to ensure their project goes according to plan.


Learn a bit about our company’s journey



Vision Becomes Reality

Better Nutritionals’ founding year, when we broke ground and began construction on our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.



Highly Certified

Better Nutritionals earns an array of manufacturing certifications, including recognition as BRC- and NSF-certified. NSF International develops public health standards for food, water, and consumer products, while BRC is an international food-safety standard. That year, we also became the first gummy manufacturer certified to label our products as Kosher, Allergen-Free.

Better Nutritionals Front Entrance Lobby That Shows Where Our Guests Come In

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