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Setting A Better
Bar In 

Increasing the capacity of our state-of-the-art facilities is just one part of the equation. We also must stay at the forefront in manufacturing innovation and operations efficiency. Our clients deserve nothing less than best-in-class production options to make their ideas and dream a reality. That’s what drives our pursuit of better manufacturing every day.

Starchless Tech

There are multiple methods to mold gummies. We prefer starchless mold technology, which is the foundation for our premium manufacturing process. The starchless approach allows us to fully clean and sanitize our molds between production runs to ensure there’s no cross-contamination of ingredients. With starch molds, contamination can be a significant problem because they’re typically broken down to be reused -- which, candidly, is not the most sanitary approach. 


Starchless technology avoids that issue, enabling us to freely use an array of ingredients, such as probiotics, iron, and CBD without worrying about ingredients leaving remnants in the molds. In short, we provide a cleaner manufacturing process that delivers better products to customers.

Automation & Innovation

We continuously adapt our operations -- through both automation and innovation -- to stay at the forefront of the industry. We carefully select our automated machinery to perform specific functions throughout our manufacturing process and supply chain.


When it comes to each step of manufacturing, it’s crucial to be meticulous and fully committed to both quality and efficiency. Our skilled mechanics and engineers consistently focus on where and what we can do to make the best products.


Getting the most out of a manufacturing process can be difficult. We start every day with the same mission: produce the industry’s highest-quality products quickly, creatively, and effectively.


With that approach, we’ve built Better Nutritionals into one of the most efficient, manufacturing operations in our industry. In the consumer health industry (vitamins & supplements), efficiency and product excellence are musts. It’s that simple.

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