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Read all about it! We’ve got a new SWEET partnership!

Better Nutritionals knows a thing or two about gummies, and DouxMatok, well they got a sweet tooth for sugar… Incredo® Sugar that is! We are extremely excited to announce a commercial partnership between Better Nutritionals and DouxMatok – maker of the sugar-based sugar reduction solution Incredo® Sugar - to offer gummies that can be made with reduced sugar but the same great taste!

Together our pectin-based gummies are going to change the world of gummies for the better. We will be able to offer gummies that are 40% reduced in sugar and 33% reduced in calories compared to leading pectin-based gummies - bringing innovation while still prioritizing quality!

Image highlighting Douxmatok Incredo Sugar & Better Nutritionals
Better Nutritionals x Douxmatok Partnership

Through this partnership, existing customers are able to alter qualifying formulations with Incredo® Sugar, which will be able to reduce sugar and calories from their existing products without losing the gummies’ traditional sweetness! Sugar substitutes are normally sugar alcohols or monk fruit or stevia which in some scenarios are fine BUT when regular sugar/sweetness is desired Incredo® Sugar is where it’s at!

Ultimately, we are so excited about this partnership and even more excited to offer Incredo® Sugar to all our customers! If you are reading this and looking to formulate some amazing quality gummies with 40% less sugar now is your chance!!

Contact to start a new project with Incredo® Sugar today & thanks for reading! More to come soon!

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