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Company Foundation & Cornerstones

Better Nutritionals is built on a foundational value of caring, which was derived from our founders and shapes every facet of how we operate as a community.


Better Gummy

Better Nutritionals (BN) started in 2015 with one customer and one goal…to set the standard and create new possibilities for what contract manufacturing can achieve. Our capabilities are set by our team, our expertise, our proprietary development, and our execution.

In 2015, founder and CEO Sharon Hoffman started construction on what would become one of the country’s most advanced gummy manufacturing facilities. Our certifications are a testament to our ability to navigate the functional food and nutraceutical landscape, push the boundaries of what’s possible, and set a number of industry firsts -- from the first-ever pre-workout gummy to hit the market (for Abbott Labs) to the first esports performance gummy for competitive gamers to the world’s best-selling gummy, Goli Nutrition’s revolutionary apple cider vinegar supplement.

We continuously raise the bar for innovation in nutritional supplements. Moving forward, we’re not going to sit on our laurels. Rather, we’re going to venture into new areas of gummy development and continue to expand access to health and wellness supplements for consumers globally. Impressively, our products are consumed and enjoyed in nearly 150 countries. 

Better Nutritionals Employee Cafeteria and high top tables

A Better

A Better Team

A Better Quality Process

Better Safety

Better Certifications

Better Turn-Key Solution

Better Employee Culture

Better Innovations

Better FDA Registered Facilites 

Better Document Management & Traceability

A Better End Product

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