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Better Nutritionals Founder: There's magic in a gummy'.

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

05-Mar-2019 By Adi Menayang

"Gummies and chocolates aren’t just for kids. California-based entrepreneur Sharon Hoffman jumped into confectionery supplements manufacturing when he noticed opportunity in the space" (

Picture of gummy manufacturing machine with gummy bear molds filled.

Better Nutritionals was featured in an article written by Adi Menayang for Better Nutritionals founder, Sharon Hoffman speaks about contract manufacturing and what the gummy has done to shape the landscape of supplements and vitamins for the future.

“If people knew how traditional gummies are made, most of them would never touch a gummy again.” -Sharon Hoffman, CEO

That's just a small snippet of what you'll be able to find in the full article. Sharon goes into gummies, chocolates and a little bit of what the future holds for Better Nutritionals!

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